8 April 2015


Hi guys,

Flickr has been bombarded of late with pictures of the amazing new mesh heads by Lelutka and I'm rather late jumping on the bandwagon but here is my take on the 'Ever' head. I'm a huge fan of mesh heads and I wear my TMP head most of the time. Of course, one of the biggest problems with mesh heads are how limited we are regarding customization and the ability to make oneself look individual. I personally am really holding out for the day we get sliders on our mesh heads but in the meantime we will have to make do with skins and appliers. There are, in my opinion, quite a nice range of appliers available for the TMP heads to the point where I feel my head looks reasonably individual if I mix and match my skin, lipstick, eyeshadows etc. So, with that in mind I am eagerly awaiting the release of appliers for these lovely new Lelutka mesh heads. I'll be really interested to see how different they might look with other skins etc. 

I do really like the Lelutka mesh heads - 'Ever' obviously being my favourite. I won't bother doing any kind of review here as the bloggosphere is crammed with reviews of the heads and everything that you could wish to know is out there. I will only say that I think the price is pretty good (L$2,500) for everything you get with the head - skins, make up, the fabulous skin glow function etc. The heads also blink, have a closed eye option and, of course, come with a selection of eyebrow colours - more than enough to get you started without having to fork out more cash for extra skins etc (unlike the TMP heads). The only skins available at the moment (and which come packaged with the heads) are by Glam affair so they are obviously lovely but, as I said, I am looking forward to having more options before I start wearing this head on a daily basis. 

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Mesh Head ~ *Lelutka* Lelutka Mesh Head -EVER v1.0
Skin/ Makeup ~  *Glam Affair* (Lelutka Heads) Ever Skin Applier (America) 05
Mesh Mole ~ *Deetalez* Mesh Beauty Mole (Resize Script)
Eyes ~ *Song* Toki Pitch Eye
Lashes ~ *FTL* Eyelashes C01 Natural (Mascara) 
Mesh Body ~ *Maitreya* Lara v3.0 (Skin - Glam Affair) Lara Hands 
Hair ~ *Lelutka* Vibrato Hair (BlondeFun)
Headpiece ~ *Lode* Magnolia II Double (Pink) Arcade Gacha Item
Dress ~ *Maitreya* Vintage Lace Gown - Bridal Part 1
Bangle ~ *Vive Nine* Lua Arm Bracelet Gold

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