9 December 2013

Home and garden (Autumn)

Hi Sweeties,

I wanted to get this post in quickly as it's all about Autumn - which is, like, totally over. I did actually start making over my home back in mid October, that's how long it's taken me, RL being a bit hectic lately! I had planned to just stay all colourful and autumny right through til spring but now I really want to decorate for Christmas and it doesn't seem right to have a tree up in the middle of autumn. Silly, as it's SL and we can do whatever we like right, but still, I feel a nerdy need to do things properly. I always have to have a kitchen and bathroom in my SL home - even just a small one - or it feels weird. I've discarded otherwise beautiful builds simply because I wouldn't have room for a sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen/diner. Yep, I'm a freak! 

A major shopping spree at The Arcade has totally changed my mind about decorating for Christmas after all. There is just so much cute winter decor! This will obviously involve re-landscaping but thankfully I have Studio Skye's awesome 'four seasons' trees and landscaping decor set up so with a simple click I'll be able to jump straight into winter. I'll only have to pull up a couple of trees and some grasses and job done. That said, I'd personally really like if there were two winter options - one with snow and one just bare trees. Do I really want snow right through til spring? Other than that, I just can't gush enough about Alex Bader's creations. They really do take the pain out of landscaping and it certainly means that even someone like me, living in a sky platform, with a 'prim' limit of 1054 can get a really detailed, finished garden, something that was just not possible before mesh and the awesomeness of some of SL's finest creators. 

I'm totally in love with this build from Scarlet Creative - just beautiful. The detail is amazing. It's been said by plenty of other people but, yeah, I'm really liking this new direction. In order to have enough space for all my room needs I plonked her Autumn reclaim store on to the end of the house. I think it works. I've kept the decor relatively simple, slightly rustic, just a touch industrial. I'm always tempted to have lots of cute girly decor about (I had to really resist using all the craft supplies by SS from the last Arcade) but I wanted to keep to a neutral, autumnal palette. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I've seen some breathtaking shots of this build and some achingly cool interior design but, within my 'prim' limit, I think I've managed to decorate to my own personal satisfaction. All the photos are of my 'real' home, not just staged shots and, of course, I always wish I could have just a touch more clutter (I really felt the urge to chuck lots of boots and wellies about!!?) but that would have meant compromising elsewhere - like my landscaping. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics xxxx
Oo, and I've decided not to credit EVERY single item like I did in my last home and garden post as it took forever to type and I pretty much had hand cramp. I think a lot of the decor is probably familiar to you all anyway. If I missed something and you'd really like to know where it's from, please don't hesitate to ask      
                                                                                    ♥ ♥ ♥ 
    (Clicky, clicky)

Build ~ *Scarlet Apple* Neva Captain House (October C88)
Sofa and armchairs ~ *Cheeky Pea* Quinn Chair / Sofa (Mousse)
Coffee table ~ *Scarlet Creative* Autumn reclaim working table
Rug ~ *Atelier Visconti* A.V Rover carpet
Shelving unit ~ *Apple fall* Construct shelving
Leaf mirrors ~ *Digs* Leaf mirror (Mid)
Basket of logs ~ *Apple Fall* AF Woodstock (Past Arcade)
TV ~ *Cheeky Pea* Earnst TV
Wall art ~ *Ionic* Meteorite!
Blinds ~ *Lisp* Mesh blinds (White)
Clutter on table ~ *Zigana* Incense (Past Arcade)
Tray on table ~ *What Next* Chocolatier drinks tray
Springbok skull ~ *Apple Fall* AF Springbok skull
Horn sculpture ~ *Mudhoney* Horn sculpture
Pincone candle ~ *Dysfunctional Designs* Pinecone votive candle (Single)
Tray with candles ~ *Atelier Visconti* A.V Epoque candles
Desk/ Chair /Shelf/ Decor ~ *Standby Inc* Huckleberry desk (Fatpack)
Deer with brushes ~ *Half Deer* Deer paintbrush holder (Natural)
Typewriter ~ *Kopi* Old typewriter (Red)
Basket with rolled paper ~ *Pilot* Paper Rack
Drawer cabinet ~ *7 Emporium* Tall File
Pouffe ~ *Zigana* Pouffe (Red)
Plant ~ *Dutchie* Schefflera (Medium)
Tree decor ~ *Second Spaces* Tabletop forest (Fall)
Model plane ~ *22769* Bauwerk - Model plane
Gazelle Head ~ *Ispachi* Mesh art - Gazelle's head
Applause decor ~ *7 Emporium* Applause box
Star light ~ *Zigana* Star light (Wood)
Horse model ~ *Pilot* It's a horse
Books ~ *Apple Fall* AF Books
Wooden animals / trees ~ *Half Deer* Carved woodland animals/ trees (Past Arcade)
House lanterns ~ *What Next* Tiny house lantern (Group Gift)
Radio ~ *Tartessos Arts* Bohemian Radio
Box ~ *The Loft* Storage box old map
Owl ~ *Thistle* Thistle owl ceramic (Little) Hunt gift
Dining table ~ *Aria* Bryony dining table
Chairs ~ *Fri.day Home* Cafe chair (Tinted)
Wall art ~ *Collage* I wish wall art
Treats (on table) ~ *Lark* Autumn cake pops/ Autumn petite cakes
Candles ~ *Mudhoney* Fall candles
Light fixture ~ *Kuro* Ladder lamp
Twigs in vase ~ *Vespertine* Vase full of branches (Autumn)
Sideboard ~ *Zigana* Apothecary cabinet (Light)

Hanging chair ~ *Pilot* Larkin Set (Hanging Chair 1)
Crate with pillows ~ *Mudhoney* Wheeled pillow crate
Lamp ~ *Vespertine* Anthropologie lamp 01 (Red) 
Books / Box ~ *Zigana* Potion wisdom (Group gift)
Shelf ~ *Vespertine* Old wooden bookcase
Elephant decor ~ *Organica* Elephant Ornament (gacha) 
Embroidery art ~ *Collage* BBT cross stitch quotes
Plants ~ *Dutchie* Various

Folding chairs ~ *Junk* Recycled theatre seats (Autumn)
House shelf ~ *Sway's* Sways picture frame (Home)
Ski decor ~ *Zigana* Grandpapa's skis
Hanging mirror ~ *Encore* Mirror (large)
Key Rack ~ *Noodles* Home is where the heart is
Armchair ~ *Encore* President's chair
Sidetable ~ *Trompe L'Oeil* Cobble Hill endtable
Candle ~ *Dutchie* Copper candleholder
Phone ~ Tartessos Arts* Seventies telephone
Basket with pillows ~ *Trompe L'Oeil* Ashdon pillow basket (5)
Cabinet ~ *Second Spaces* Rustic pantry (dark)
Box stack ~ *Mudhoney* Madagascar boxes
Rug ~ *Mudhoney* Apple rug
Hanging wings ~ *Dreamscapes Decor* Fly Away (Brown)
Floor art ~ *Sari-Sari* Super Typhoon Haiyan (Fundraiser event)

Bed/ bench/ basket/ nightstand/ pipe shelves ~ *Pilot* 
Tree ~ *Cheeky Pea* Part of backyard cinema set
Love art/ box under bench ~ *7 emporium*
Clothes rack ~ *Aria* Gaia clothing rack (heavily modded)
Standing mirror ~ *Keke* Box stand black (gacha) Modded
Drawers ~ *Cheeky Pea* Beresford tall chest
Wall decal ~ *What Next* falling wall decor (Modded)
Mannequin ~ *Apple Fall* AF designer mannequin (Black)
Floor art ~ *Floorplan* The optometrists locker
Chair ~ *Junk* Perry chair (Geo blue)
Hanging lamp ~ *Apple Fall* Edi's lamp (Whicker)
Desk ~ *Vespertine* Crafty working table (Artistic)
Chair ~ *Zigana* Reused school chair (Vanilla) Gacha
Desk clutter ~ *Lark/ Sari-Sari/ Standby Inc/ Tres Blah/ Bazar
Hanging prints ~ *Ionic* My w&b lab
Sinks / toilet / laundry basket/ bin/ bowl of soaps ~ *Dutchie*
Shower ~ *Trompe L'Oeil* Kumotori shower 
Sideboard ~ Zigana* Workbench wood RARE (Gacha)
Mirror ~ *The Loft* Porthole Mirror
Tray with clutter ~ *Dutchie* Spa essentials
Incense ~ *Aisling* Ashanti (Incense) Rare Gacha

Kitchen ~ *Cheeky Pea* Yukon kitchen
Outdoor fire/ walls ~ *Trompe L'Oeil* Dardon stone fireplace set
Chairs/ small table ~ *Zigana* Lazy Sunday chairs (Sheep & Buttercup) Gacha 
Pouffe ~ *Cheeky Pea & Pilot* Backyard cinema pouffe
Box of doughnuts ~ *What Next* Box of doughnuts
Cups/ Cookie tin/ Acorn bowl ~ *Vespertine*
Leaf litter ~ *3D trees*
Gate & fence ~ *We're Closed* Garden gate/ Iron fence
Autumn trees /road/ pathway/ ground texture ~ *Studio Skye*
Bare trees/ fir trees ~ *Botanical*
Weeping willow ~ *3D Trees* Weeping willow Autumn
Other trees/ grasses ~ *We're Closed/ 3D Trees/ HPMD
Pick-up truck ~ *Armystone* Pick-up truck 4x4
Ruin ~ *We're Closed* Ruined cottage
Blanket shelter ~ *Sway's* Cozy tent (Shelter) Pumpkin
Firepit/ wooden chairs/ crate table/ box of logs ~ *What Next* Pine Ridge set
Broken table ~ *The hole junk yard* Table/ Broken leg + drawer
Projector/basket with blankets/ box of food/ torch/ matches ~ *Cheeky Pea* 
Old film canisters ~ *Second Spaces* 8mm short stack
Lamp (on chairs) ~ *AR Productions* Vacuum tube light (Marketplace)

                                                                                           ♥ ♥ ♥