1 May 2015


Hey sweeties,

I've been wearing mesh heads for so long now it feels a bit strange to be back in my own skin, but I'm really liking the way this face has turned out. I love mesh heads for a lot of reasons, not least how much easier they are to photograph with shadows and windlights, but sometimes it's nice to feel a little more unique, which can really only be achieved with system skin and savvy layering, IMHO. I'm still holding out for the day we get mesh heads that can be fully customised, with sliders etc; then we can get back to looking a bit more individual. I pretty muh live in my TMP head and, due to the relatively large number of skins and appliers available, plus the ability to layer makeups on the head, I do feel I am able to achieve a semblance of individuality, but I still see an awful lot of people wearing the heads, looking pretty much like my twin, lol. I have, obviously, invested in the Lelutka heads. I think the heads are beautiful but at the moment Flickr looks like a whole load of clones have taken over SL - more skins will help somewhat, I guess. Anyway, on to the details...

    (Clicky, clicky....)


Skin *Glam Affair* Romy (America) with Romy Nose (01), Romy Eyebrow (01) G
Eyeshadow *Umeboshi* Kuro  Eye Makeup Set (Smokey - Brown)
Mouth *Kiiko* Lip 02 (Pink Nude) teeth
Eyelashes *FTL* Eyelashes C01 natural
Eyes *Ikon* Vanity Eyes (Brown)
Mesh Body/ Applier *Maitreya* Maitreya Mesh Body Lara v3.3 / Glam Affair Applier
Hair *Little Bones* Pine Needle (Ombre's & Roots)
Hairbase *Elua* Hairbase Basic 2n
Top/ Skirt *Amitomo* Unbalance Knit Look Set 1
Boots *Ison* Avery Strap Boots Rare (Brown) (Past Arcade Item)
Bag (Enfant Terrible* On the Go/ Licorice Bag (Across Chest Unrigged) 
Earings *Magic Nook* Lasso Hoops (Gold) 

Location : Pigeon Island

                                                                  * * *