4 May 2014

Belle du jour

Hi sweeties,

A couple of months ago I did a post about the Wowmeh mesh body (see it here do not disturb). At the time I just stumbled across it on MP and I thought it was a great product for the price though I felt it needed a bit of improvement. The overall body was pretty good though the arms tended to deform a little and the hands and feet (and boobs) needed some serious work. Well, the creators have gone to work on the body and the result is pretty darn good. The boobs and arms are now fixed and the overall shape is pretty awesome. I'm still not too happy with the hands and feet and, though the body has apparently been fixed to allow Slink hands to be used, I personally found the fit still slightly off. I couldn't get my Slink feet to fit at all (unless I made my avi about 7 feet tall and ultra thick and muscly - no thanks) but I did manage to get my JD feet to just about fit (though I had to edit the join in PS afterwards). I won't bother doing a full review of the product as there are plenty out there (plus lots of reviews on MP) but I will just say that I love this body and, with free updates for life, I really look forward to seeing how it develops. Oh, and if you're interested in getting yourself a Wowmeh mesh body I suggest you do it soon as I've noticed the price is going up pretty frequently....

For these photos I also wore my Tangos and mesh head too so I'm all out mesh. It makes taking pics so much fun. I went to town on the editing though I think I tend to overcook my pics sometimes, I have to reign it in a bit. I use a combination of Gimp and Photoshop Elements but I'm still totally learning how to use them. There are a lot of awesome tutorials out there though I get really frustrated sometimes as I find one showing clearly exactly want I want to do only to find its for the full PS - and elements can't do everything that the full program can, obvs. Anyway, I'm reasonably pleased with the way the pics turned out, hope you like 'em too xxxx.
                                                                                           ♥ ♥ ♥     

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                                                                                    ♥ ♥ ♥  

Mesh Body ~ *Wowmeh* Mesh Body Style v2.6
Skin Applier ~ *Fiore* Wowmeh Mesh Body Appliers (SPF 20)
Mesh Head ~ *The Mesh Project* Mesh Head f (Soft) Basic
Head Appliers ~ *The Skin Shop* Carmen (Soft) 09 (Face /Eyes/Lips) Brows (Soft) Dark Brown
Boobs ~ *Lolas* Tango Mesh Breasts (Fiore Lola Tango Appliers SPF 20)
Eyes ~ *IKON* Vanity Eyes (Brown) M
Feet ~ *JD Designs* My Feet Tip Toe (XXS)
Nails ~ *Hello Dave* Slink Avatar Enhancement Colours Pack 1 (Pinks & Reds) 
Hair (Blonde) ~ *Alice Project* Willow (Low - Infinity) Blonde 2 Light Tips
Hair (Brown) ~ *Argrace* Akane (Coppers) Cinnamon (Resize)
Pose (Standing) ~ *Del May* Curvacious
Pose (Lying) ~ *Argrace* Akane Pose - 3 (Comes with hair)

Location (Top pic) ~ Small Town Greene
                                                                                          ♥ ♥ ♥