18 December 2014


Hi sweeties,

Just wanted to show you this lovely bathroom set from Tartessos Arts. As with many TA items, this set comes with lots of texture options, cute details and is packed full of animations. The bathtub has an option for suds as well as water and all parts of the tub can be re-textured. Available now at Tartessos Arts.

    (Clicky, clicky...)


All items Tartessos Arts except
Radiator ~ *Aria* Holden Radiator
Painting ~ *Dutchie* Elegant lady from the back, anonymous
Slippers ~ *Bazar* Toronto Slippers
Candles ~ *Lisp* Pair of Candles (Part of Rosa Pallet Shelf Set)
Build ~  *Scarlet Creative* Lavender Brown House Prefab

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