19 September 2013

Oh, Ms Winters!

Hi Sweeties,

I discovered this fab location through La Bouchere's awesome blog and thought I'd do a cute Librarian shoot! I've based this look on a RL friend of mine who used to work in the University library. I'm a bookshop girl myself but Ms Winters outshone us all. She's that wonderful mix of bookish and clever, rather shy and quiet but so seriously hot. I don't think she had any idea of the impact she had on all the young student boys. It was hilarious! I once saw a gang of boys putting a pile of books on the floor, so she'd have to bend over to pick them up, whilst they all stood around looking flustered and red faced. This was a girl who could set hearts racing whilst wearing specs and sensible shoes; I can only begin to imagine the damage she caused when she did wear a little black number....

♥ ♥ ♥

(Click on a pic to enlarge)

♥ ♥ ♥

Skin ~ *Pink Fuel* Harley (Peach) Lid 2 Brownbrow A
Eyeshadow ~ * Laq* Eye makeup 10
Lipstick ~ * Pink Fuel* Harley (Beestung)
Lashes ~ *Beetlebones* Mesh Lashes (Dainty Brown)
Teeth ~  *Okkbye* Mesh Teeth
Eyes ~ * Ikon* Destiny Eyes (Hazel)
Hair ~ *Epoque* Tied up (Grain)
Top ~ *Tram* Gathered Shoulder Blouse (Pinkbeige) The Season's Story
Inside Top ~ *Tram* Collar for gathered shoulder blouse (White)
Skirt ~ *Pesca* Lace skirt (White) The Season's Story
Shoes & Socks ~ *Beetlebones* Leeke Doll Shoes (Dotted Blue, White Socks)
Bag ~ *Teefy* Mini Crossbody Bag (Pure Leather Camel)
Glasses ~ *Miel* Genius Peepers
Earings ~ *Ohmai* Antique Bee Posts (Rosegold)
Bracelet ~ *ASO!* Moroccan Bracelet (Forest) Silver
Watch ~ *VCO* Stripe Wristwatch 03
Books and Pose ~ *DMD* Bookset Deathnote (Held in Both Hands)

Location: Vendigrom

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