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Would you like me to blog about your stuff - because I'd love to!

You can contact me inworld at Ophelia Bracken or send an email to opheliabracken@gmail.com. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
My personal style is relaxed, fashionable, elegant, sometimes cute and quirky. I don't tend to go in for Gorean, bondage wear, overt nudity and sexuality so if your designs are along those lines, I'm probably not the gal for you!
I try my hardest to make high quality, interesting photos and am learning and improving all the time. Though I have been taking photos in SL for quite a while (see my Flickr), I'm new to blogging so I very much appreciate your interest in me.
I value quality over quantity and prefer to take my time planning my outfits and editing my photos and am therefore unlikely to post every day - though I will try my hardest to post as often as I can. If I don't post about your items straight away it certainly does not mean I don't appreciate them, I'm a busy girl in RL!

Thank you,
Ophelia xxxx

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